Proffesional development center

Investing in Human Resources

The proffesional development center is specialized in personal and professional development of managers, staff and employees in organizations

The Proffesional development center Specialized in personal and professional development of managers, staff, and employees in organizations.
We "tailor made" unique solutions to each organization to provide the service to.

Workshops and training we offer

  • Accompaniment and Executive Training – Individual Training for Managers
  • Team Development and Training – Workshops for various teams within the organization
  • Employees Training – Individual training for various employees within the organization who need special guidance and training

Combination of different types of tutorials & trainings provide best result!

Professional development center is a professional and personal development center for individuals and businesses

The center offers two main tracks


Suitable for those who are at the beginning of a mindset change, practical change in life; Career change, set up new business, changing current business ,prioritize professional life, finding the right work life balance, financial development etc.


Suitable for a business and/or organizations that needs business development and their business is at a stage where change is needed; e.g. developing managers, working with procedures meeting objectives & goals, proper management of staff and growth of managers, increasing motivation etc.

Gali Hershkovitz Klein

My name is Gali Hershkowitz Klein. mother of three, I have master's degree in social work (M.S.W)  from Tel Aviv University, a psychotherapist and a certified couples and family therapist. I have 25 years of experience working with people and organizations.

Over a decade ago, I founded "The Proffesional development center" with the desire to provide personal and professional solutions to individuals and organizations.

I lecture, train, coach ,mentor individual and organizations that want to provide staff and managers significant development and empowerment tools.

I believe that organizations are made of people and in order to provide services, products and content to our customers, it is important first of all to invest in the human resource that makes up each organization. Small or large business, independent or public, developing employees and managers is essential for everyone.

גלי הרשקוביץ קליין - פסיכותרפיסטית ומטפלת זוגית ומשפחתית מוסמכת, בעלים של המרכז להדרכת הסגל

Shlomi Kliker

שלומי קליקר - MBA במנהל עסקים, מהנדס תעשייה וניהול והנדסאי מכונות. בעלים של המרכז להדרכת הסגל

My name is Shlomi Kliker, Certified coacher and mentor.I have Master of Business Administration (MBA), Industrial and Management Engineer, Mechanical Enginee.        I have 25 years of business experience in high-tech industry in Israeli and international global companies.

I began my professional in wide range of roles and management positions in Israel and abroad in Israeli and global organizations.
Over the course of my professional career and personal life, I realized that determination and persistence are the key foundation to success.                              This led me to achieve goals and targets.

In my coaching method, I bring with me the vast experience which I have gained and help people I coach & mentor to build a vision and strive to achieve their goals and objectives.

Tzvika Berman

20 years of experience in Israel and overseas in hospitality services, and in sheltered housing with senior citizens, in management, personal mentoring / guidance and consulting positions.

BA in Social Work  – Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                                  Master of Business (MBA) Leadership – University of Pretoria in South Africa    Directors Certification – The Open University of Israel



Additional services of the center

Workshops for developing staff and managers

Recruitment Services

Case management

Workshops for Developing Staff and Managers

Workshops for Developing Staff and Manager

The workshops for the faculty training center are "specially made" to fit the needs of the staff in the organization.

The workshops are delivered in experiential ways, enabling participants to have a meaningful and instructive experience.

Dealing with mental burnout of staff members Research shows that mental burnout affects employee functioning both professionally and personally.This workshop gives your employees the opportunity to process and grow the emotional experience of burnout.

Multi-professional teamwork – In frameworks where the team is multi-professional, it is of utmost importance to understand the different aspects of the professional vision of each team member. This workshop deals with the development of multidisciplinary vision and the provision of tools to improve and optimize staff's interpersonal and professional communication.

Team Development Workshops – This workshop will enable the team to formulate effective communication methods for collaborative work and to address common issues.

Executive Development Workshops – A workshop that will allow the management team to become a management team that moves the organization forward.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Recruitung employees is a large and challenging subject.Our customers needs professional support in finding suitable employees. We specifiy the needs of the required employee, locate train and guide the new employees according to the client's needs and outline.

Case Management

Case Manangement - "In Safe Hands" Services

In the area of casemanagement, we utilize our organizational and personal knowledge and experience to address individual customers who need this service. We have gained extensive experience in supporting and coordinating therapists, organizations and bureaucrats who are part of providing appropriate care to a family member who needs it.

We will provide to each customer o a process of identifying the needs and services including meetings with relevant professionals and tailor a unique plan to his needs.

Our Advantages

  • Therapeutic advantages

Many years of working at therapeutic field helped me develop the ability to observe people from a deep and real perspective. I use this ability in my work with organizations. It allows me to offer my customers an in-depth and multifaceted analysis of significant resources within the organization human resource.

During the processes I lead in the organization, I review the strengths and capabilities of employees and managers, get better understanding of relationships, listen to appropriate work methods for the various managers, help building employee evaluation and development programs, develop organizational plans, engage with appropriate employees, teach work assignments, build management reserve &help develop a unique organizational culture.

All this in working toghter with managers and employees of organization who takes an active role in the processes. 

I strongly believe that only collaborative work and approach can really create significant organizational change over time. So that employees and managers feel partnered in creating and running them over time to promote and grow their organization.

  • Organizational advantage

Working for more than ten years with organizations helped me to listen to unique language of organizations I work with. Each organization has its own style, it has working methods that have evolved over time, successes and experiences, history of building and coping. In my approach, I give a plenty of respect and appreciation to the history of the organization and the way it was built and developed. Change is significant thing within the organization and in order to sustain it, it is important to give way to the path that has been made so far and has led to the ability to create change.

My specialty is working with organizations that deal with people. Working with a wide range of role-holders and therefore being able to speak to anyone in their own language, identifying people's motivational and growth and give them cognitive behavior and emotional tools to make the change. 

  • Professional advantage

We Work with excellent people in their field which provide the ability for flexibility in matching the right service and professional to our customers' needs 

  • Business
  • Financial
  • Marketing

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